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Presumably this is fallout from the onfoo moving to IDL change.
Specifically, pressing the play button does nothing in trunk. It's got an onclick="onplay()" attribute that throws the error in the summary.
onplay is defined in beat_circles.js.
Ah, the hazards of inline event handlers...  Don't use those!

Yes, this is a change from the onfoo moving to IDL change.  It's also behavior required by the spec.

The page was already broken in other browsers that had the on* properties present on elements, so I think the right thing to do here is to fix the page.
To be precise, bareword lookup in inline event handlers starts on the element, then goes up to either the form (for form controls) then the document, or just up to the document.  Only after that are properties on the window (which is what the onplay function defined in beat_circles.js is) looked at.

So the page can be fixed by using onclick="window.onplay()", using some other function name, or not using an inline event handler.
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There's also some kind of (potentially bogus) browser-sniffing going on there, but I didn't investigate all that thoroughly. When visiting the page with a recent Camino nightly, I got a warning that it "required Firefox".

Contact info here:

and there's an e-mail address in the résumé PDF file.

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Summary: drum circles demo doesn't work | "onplay" is not a function → - drum circles demo doesn't work | "onplay" is not a function
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