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The scope for /wii is two large!


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Steps to reproduce:

On a channel on ircnet with 5 users I launched the command  /wii * with latest stable chatzilla.

Actual results:

The command listed all ircnet users!!!

After a while I was disconnected from the two irc servers where I was connected!

Expected results:

The wii command should apply only on the users on the channel and this command should not be applied for a server!
Group: core-security
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The /wii command can be used from a server tab, or for a user with which you don't share a channel. This is quite useful IMHO, at least when not using wildcards.

Maybe the desired result can be obtained by not allowing wildcards in the argument?
Executing /wii * sends "WHOIS * *" to the server; we do not do anything to this input and on it just reports info on the nickname "*" (i.e. just "End of WHOIS information for *.").

ircnet is at fault for listing all the users.

So you cannot send /whois user1 user1 /whois user2 user2 if there's these two users on a channel #test where I send the command /wii *. 

I thought that writing it into a channel limited it to the channel.
We *could* expand the "*" in to a list of users in the channel (the op/voice/etc. commands do this) but unlike the existing commands that do that, it makes less sense to me to do it.
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