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6 years ago
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6 years ago

It would be great if we have a way to administrate the dns zone for community domains that mozilla owns.

For example, in bug #399916 after buying and, the NS were pointed to our external host provider (OVH) and we are able to handle and modify the zone.

Recently we've moved our infrastructure to a VPS at but we still have to administrate the domain using OVH since the NS are pointed there.

Is it possible to get some way of web-access to administrate these domains DNS zones without having to delegate the NS to other companies? It would be useful when the community decided to move to another host provider.


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6 years ago
Ping, any ideas about this?
Unfortunately, we don't even have such an interface.  We edit our dns configs by hand.

We are happy to manage the DNS for you but changes would need to come in bug requests.
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6 years ago
stripTM, Willy, Ricardo, what do you think?

Usually we don't have to change DNS records often, so maybe it's a good idea let Mozilla IT handle it and forget about external providers.
I agree with Corey. I think this change is not usual and we are not going to disturb too much to Mozilla IT team about that.

So for me, that decision is OK.
Fine for me, too.

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6 years ago
Ok, so I'll open a bug about this change tomorrow.
Idem, fine for me.
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