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Changing localepicker getLocales pref should not require a restart


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We are caching the value of "extensions.getLocales.get.url" in LocaleRepository.jsm. That means when it changes, you have to restart your browser to get the new value. Users/testers shouldn't have to do that.
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Instead of caching, we can just query this every time I think. This isn't going to be called THAT often.

This also adds some tests for the locale repository (not the picker... yet), which I realized as I type this, only kinda sorta actually test this exact bug. I can update them.. but I think I'd rather do it in a separate patch. I'd also like to test passing in a build id, and this provides a nice base for that.

Found two other bugs in the process. One when an invalid url is specified in the locales file, and another with us calling a non-existent "WARN" function (Stolen from the AddonRepository code). I changed that to a this.log call, which is turned off here right now.

If you'd rather get it all in one, feel free to cancel this and I'll get to it in a bit.
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This tests that changing the pref works. I'm dynamically building the list, so changing the pref changes what is returned.
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Test for changing pref

>diff --git a/mobile/chrome/tests/locales_list.sjs b/mobile/chrome/tests/locales_list.sjs

Looks like you have a lot of 1 space indents in this file. Can you make them 2 spaces?
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Patch and test

Noming for Aurora.

This patch is mostly a test. The fix is simple (we just recheck the pref each time the localerepository.getlocales is called), and will save people on aurora testing this feature out for us an annoying restart with no restart prompt.
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Test for changing pref

Noming for Aurora.

purely a test for this fix.
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