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Add vagrant image for building AMO / Zamboni


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It's hard to set up an AMO, let's land a vagrant config file in the source so someone can clone the repo and simply type:

vagrant up

Then get:
- A fully working dev site w/ data from landfill
- An environment to run the test suite

This would be helpful for:
- new developers within Mozilla who want to fix a quick app store bug or join the team
- QA, so they can run functional tests in a controlled environment
- Outside contributors

Docs for setting up Zamboni:
Assignee: nobody → kumar.mcmillan
Target Milestone: --- → Q4 2011
cc'ing aclark because of his awesome work so far on SUMO

This is about as far as I got provisioning:

sudo apt-get -y install mysql-server-5.1
sudo aptitude -y install python-dev python-virtualenv libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev libmysqlclient-dev libmemcached-dev git-core
virtualenv ~/.virtualenv
source ~/.virtualenv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements/compiled.txt 
./ test -x

but I didn't puppetize.  After the tests are working some code will be needed to pull in the landfill DB (see above) so the dev server can start up.
Blocks: 688911

Added in

It "works"! I'm getting some feedback from UX'ers to see if I missed anything.

There's a lot more to do, when we have time and if we feel it's beneficial. TODO:
- Get lessc, etc, working so compress_assets can run.
- Add landfill images. Right now there are no addon images.
- Build elastic search indexes and configure the site for search. Right now elasticsearch is installed but not really used.
- Configure redis/memcache. These are installed but also not really used.
- Install Sphinx? I dunno, it would get the tests passing.
- Install and configure celery
Closed: 9 years ago
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Target Milestone: Q4 2011 → 6.3.8
This is awesome!
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