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IMAP: expunge on close when copy-to-trash


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(Reporter: jgmyers, Assigned: jefft)



IS is having disk space problems attributable in part to unexpunged \Deleted
messages belonging to users who use the copy-to-trash delete model.

When using the copy-to-trash model, Communicator should always expunge folders
upon closing/shutdown.
QA Contact: 4080 → 4098
All folders, period; or just all folders with an open connection? The former
seems like it could take a lot of time for some types of users.
Preferably, all folders for which the client has previously seen deleted
messages.  For example, client could keep a "has deleted messages" bit in the
cache.  Just folders with an open connection would be better than nothing.
Assignee: mscott → jefft
I remember jefft saying he wanted a crack at this.....=)

Might we want to use Close instead of expunge?
EXPUNGE-SELECT since there is no untagged responses.
The current code base does try its best to issue "close" command prior doing
another select or logout if the user is in delete-is-move-to-trash mode.
However, I couldn't mark this bug fix until alecf fixed the shutdown problem for
the account manager and all the imap message incoming servers. Currently, imap
message incoming server holds the cached connections.
A side note: we might want to have a timer proc associate with a cached
connection to close the selected mail folder prior to the server times out the
connection. Will this overkill?
Target Milestone: M8
moving off m8 list. Also, didn't alec fix the shutdown problem? Perhaps this is
I don't know. Need to verify whether the shutdown problem fixed or not.
Target Milestone: M8 → M9
moving to m9, even if it is already fixed.
This is fixed but creates a big problem for undo delete message to work. There
is no way to undo expunged messages. I am undoing my fix until I found a better
way to solve the undo problem.
This should happen at shut-down, at the same time as we expunged the inbox in
4.5., after which undo isn't possible. We certainly shouldn't expunge after
every copy to the trash.
Moving all Mail/News Networking bugs to Mail/News Networking-Mail

This may re-open previously Verified bugs due to a Bugzilla bug...if so, I will
fix those bugs.
Target Milestone: M9 → M10
M10 ... Don't know how to hook up expunge when shutting down the app yet.
Target Milestone: M10 → M12
moving to m12
Blocks: 11091
(target milestone is M11 or M12 - add to mail beta tracking bug)
Change QA Contact to me since it's my feature now.
QA Contact: scurtis → huang
Change QA Contact to me since it's my feature now.
Blocks: 18471
Closed: 25 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
We only send close command to implicit expunge deleted message when shutdown.
This is needed because of the undo functionality. We need to allow users to undo
deleted message even when the connection was closed due to the time out or
maximum connections allowed per server. nsImapIncomingServer.cpp
nsImapProtocol.cpp modified.
Verified on All platforms: Linux, WinNT & Mac 12-15-08/09-M12 commercial build:
From the application GUI interface, IMAP expunged "deleted message" after exit
(close/shutdown)the application.
From the IMAP log, still not find the "CLOSE" comment in the IMAP log file.
I am still marking as verified for this bug.
But, will add comments for bug#17716 for adding "CLOSE" comment for keep track
for this bug.
typo! I mean "CLOSE" command for IMAP log file.
No longer blocks: 18471
Product: MailNews → Core
Product: Core → MailNews Core
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