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make repack-l10n-all doesn't work correctly on Mac universal builds.


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The repack-l10n-all target actually tries to repack in the i386 directory rather than the universal one. We need to find a way to fix that.
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This seems to fix the repack-l10n-all target, I'm not yet convinced it doesn't break normal l10n repacks.
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Possible fix

Ok, this works for the release builds (I did 1.0rc1 Mac with this patch), and I'm pretty sure it'll work for L10n repacks as I've changed all the targets in that file and so it'll all just switch to the universal directory if it is a universal build.
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Possible fix

Looks good, r=philipp
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Leaving open, as I want to remember to check the nightly l10n builds once they cycle today.
It turns out that I had broken l10n builds, I've pushed a bustage fix:
Depends on: 696122
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