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'Check for updates' button in About dialog also applies found updates without asking the user


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I just went to the [Help] > [About Firefox] dialog and clicked on 'check for updates', to find out if FF7 was available.

This started a download process, and when I restarted the browser, it had been upgraded.

I was not expecting this.  I always read release notes before upgrading, so I can make an informed choice as to whether to upgrade or not (benefits vs. breakages).  As it happens, a couple of my plugins have now stopped working, so I'm going to have to downgrade until they are fixed.

Expected results:
'Check for updates' should do just that - check whether updates are available.  If there is an update available, it should provide an 'Apply update now' button and a link to the release notes, as per the automatic update process.

It should *never* apply the update without user intervention.

Alternatively, rename the button to say 'Check for and apply updates' so that people know to use Google rather than this button, in situations where they may not want it automatically applied.
The automatic apication of updates seems to depend on the setting in Options->Advanced->Update->Automatically download and install the update. Do you have it selected?
In that case Firefox would probably downloaded and installed the update silently anyway, without your decision, maybe just later.
However with that setting, the Check for updates button is not there (for me) and it checks updates automatically from the About firefox dialog. Please post your settings in Options->Advanced->Update .
No - I have it set to 'Ask me what I want to do'.
Likewise, I have 'Ask me what I want to do' on OS X.

Firefox should not start changing the user's system without asking for permission.

The label text 'Check for updates' means *check*, as in 'find out and report back your findings'. Not 'go and do it'.
Ah, I see what you mean. Pressing "Check for updates" not only checks if anything is available but also downloads it.

So you want to decide whether to download it or not, you just want to see if anything is available.

I can confirm this request.
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Also, there are now 3 choises of update warnings in Firefox 11. But it doesn't seem to solve this problem.
The about dialog is Firefox code and not app update. App update already provides the api's to do this and the Firefox about dialog just needs to implement it and the Firefox UX team specified the current behavior as well. Back over to Firefox -> General
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OK, thanks for hint.
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Summary: 'Check for updates' in about dialog applies them without user input → 'Check for updates' button in About dialog also applies found updates without asking the user
In my FF 7.0.1, when I opened the "About" windows and after some on-line check,
there was an "Apply Update" button.  I then pressed this button and the real
downloading occurred (and some more steps, etc, to go to FF 8.0.1 -- But I have to say that there are really a lot of button-pressings in the whole process.)

Maybe the original poster would like to consider this bug as closed?
No, when "Apply update" appeared, that means the update was already downloaded before that. The big progressbar across the middle of the screen means only "installing the update", not "downloading".
Also, if you didn't click "Apply update", Firefox wouldn't restart immediately and apply the update. But if you closed it normally, the update would be installed nevertheless at next start.
And that it the problem here.
Sorry, what you say in comment 8 is true, but only for major updates. When updating e.g. from 7 to 8, there is 'apply update' and only then a big download starts in a separate dialog.

But at minor updates this does not happen.
(In reply to :aceman from comment #10)

I see.  I always don't quite understand this "update" mechanism.  Sometimes it would start automatically, sometimes even if I check n times, it still tells me FF is up-to-date (which is false).  Its behaviour is very weird.
I believe that "Apply update" appears once the download is complete, and minor updates are automatically applied.  Minor updates often include important security fixes, and that is why they are automatic.  This behavior is intended, though I can see how it can seem confusing.  Whether or not minor updates should be automatic is a separate issue entirely to this bug, so I'm going to mark this resolved.
Closed: 8 years ago
Keywords: uiwanted, ux-control
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
I have just encountered this issue again:

1) I went to 'about Firefox'.  Version number was reading 15.0.1.
2) I clicked 'check for updates'.
3) The button disappeared and was replaced by 'downloading update'.  There was no option to cancel.
4) When the download finished it was replaced by an 'applying update' message.  There was no option to cancel.
5) When the update was complete, it was replaced by a 'Restart Now' button.  There was no 'undo' or 'cancel' button, nor any way to un-apply the update.  Ignoring the button and closing the dialog just postpones the update until you next close and restart Firefox the normal way.
6) I restarted Firefox.
7) Firefox checked my add-ons for compatibility, which resulted in one of my add-ons being disabled, as there is no version that is compatible with the latest version.  This was my theme! (  My browser now looks completely different, and is - to me - horrible and unusable.
8) Now I will need to waste at least half an hour figuring out how to downgrade to a working version of Firefox!

== Expected behaviour ==

There should be a step 2.5
2.5) The server is checked, and the button disappears to be replaced by a message 'Firefox 16.0.2 is available - please upgrade now.' and a button that says 'Download and install update'.

There should be an option to cancel at any point in step 3, and (if technically possible) at step 4.

Furthermore, step 7 should occur *before* the update is downloaded and installed, like when the automatic update dialog is triggered.  It is unacceptable to break a Firefox installation in this way!
Resolution: WORKSFORME → ---
See these bugs:
Bug 707489 
Bug 902597 (duplicates 707489)

Bug 600500, appears to have a fix in progress?  I can't tell what direction it is taking.
Closed: 8 years ago6 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Duplicate of bug: 707489
Duplicate of bug: 600500
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