When editing a reply with drag-selection, you can lose change-bars unexpectedly



7 years ago
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7 years ago
When editing a reply, if you try to pare down quoted text with drag-and-backspace, you'll find text reformatting on you - losing changebars from the entire block.  You can't see if the hidden "character" at the start of a block will be deleted (the deletion that causes the block to lose change-bars).

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7 years ago
Another instance of the inconsistency of this is when you have a changebar with a blank line, then the next line has text, and you want to get rid of the black line.  If you his backspace with the cursor on the blank line, all the formatting collapses and the changebars are lost.  If you go down one line, and hit backspace, the formatting is intact as are the changebars.  Visually and logically, it shouldn't make a difference *unless* you happen to understand the underlying textual representation:


Combined with the changebars extending for an extra half-line or so, it makes me always want to trim away the blank line and I hit 'undo' a dozen or more times a day.  It's made worse with drag-select (as mentioned above) due to not being able to see if the blank line is selected or not.
Jesup, this report is unlikely to get attention bc
a) it doesn't follow the prescribed format (STR, actual & expected result)
b) it's hard to understand and uses unknown terminology (what are "change-bars"?? never heard of them...)

Can you provide detailed Steps To Reproduce (STR) using short numbered notes (rather than long descriptive sentences), and actual and expected result?
Perhaps attach some screenshots?

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6 years ago
Sorry, my habit is to refer to vertical bars in the margins as "change-bars", which they are in many wordprocessing programs.  In this case, it's the vertical bars that mark quoted text.  (Typically mapping to '> ' in text email)

I'll add detailed steps-to-reproduce shortly (I'm on vacation), though I'd be amazed if this isn't a dup of a hundred other reports.
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