Chronic 'Connection to VidyoRouter was lost. Please try to join again' for ozten



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6 years ago
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6 years ago
Starting last Friday, I'm unable to remain in a Vidyo meeting.

Labs 3pm show and tell I called into about 20 times. This is painful for me and disruptive to the meeting.

Identity 9:30am meeting today, I called in twice and then switch to phoning into the conf call #.

Behavior: I can connect and join the room. After 30 seconds to 3 minutes... the their video freezes and my preview stays animated. Then I get an error message

"Connection to VidyoRouter was lost. Please try to join again."

I'm in Seattle and have 
14.30 Mbps down
Bandwidth speed tests are chocking on upload test :/

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6 years ago
Another speed test
19.53 Mbps down
0.05 Mbps up

I'll call my ISP to figure out what is up with my upload speed.

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6 years ago
Comcast unsure why my upload speed is hozed. Techs to call back in 48 hours...


6 years ago
Assignee: desktop-support → ghuerta
I've just been seeing this with the Product planning meeting at 9am PDT today. After a few minutes I get "Connection to VidyoRouter was lost. Please try to join again.".

It seem that I actually have to close the tab and revisit it to get it working again.

I had about an hour call with no issues earlier today.

I guess there's somewhere around 10-20 people in the call. Not sure how many vidyo instances.

Earlier today I had about 24MBps down and 1.6Mbps up (I'm still in the call at the moment on voice, so will test straight after).
I got this error today as well, same meeting as Mark.  I couldn't stay connected through vidyo.  Will try again for my 5pm meeting.
FWIW, I'm unable to stay connected to vidyo for more than a few minutes today.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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6 years ago
I've gotten Comcast to fix my upload speed to 9 Mbps.

I'll report back on how Vidyo works today.

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6 years ago
I was only able to have 1 Vidyo meeting since 10/6 (about 30 minutes) and it worked well.

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6 years ago
I have 12Mbps down and 10Mbps up.

I was able to stay connected in a 5 person meeting, but the audio was choppy. 3 people had plantroinics headsets. 1 "person" was CYA polycom and the last person was laptop speakers.
I had an hour long meeting today and it was fine. Either this is a transitional thing (heavy load on servers? or bandwidth @ server?) or there's something else.

One thing to note for the meeting I was at last week is that I was connected in privacy mode and muted - so just listening & watching. I haven't had an opportunity to try that since, might try again with Wednesday's product meeting.
I can't tell if this is still happening and who it's happening for.  Let's pretend it's all good and if it's not can you re-open this one?
Assignee: ghuerta → desktop-support
Last Resolved: 6 years ago
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