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Sync server responding to a user's request with HTTP 503


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A user on SUMO (switch95forfun (at) is getting an error when syncing: "Sync encountered an error while connecting:  Server incorrectly configured".  The latest sync log follows, indicating a 503 from the server.

This user is willing to be contacted for more information or to try troubleshooting steps, if needed.

(12:36) tom: 1317745106088	Sync.Service	INFO	Loading Weave 1.10.0
1317745106103	Sync.Engine.Bookmarks	DEBUG	Engine initialized
1317745106107	Sync.Engine.Forms	DEBUG	Engine initialized
1317745106110	Sync.Engine.History	DEBUG	Engine initialized
1317745106112	Sync.Engine.Passwords	DEBUG	Engine initialized
1317745106113	Sync.Engine.Prefs	DEBUG	Engine initialized
1317745106113	Sync.Engine.Tabs	DEBUG	Engine initialized
1317745106114	Sync.Engine.Tabs	DEBUG	Resetting tabs last sync time
1317745106114	Sync.Service	INFO	Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:7.0.1) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/7.0.1
1317745106118	Sync.SyncKeyBundle	INFO	SyncKeyBundle being created for 
1317745125458	Sync.Resource	DEBUG	mesg: GET success 200
1317745125458	Sync.Resource	DEBUG	GET success 200
1317745195922	Sync.Resource	DEBUG	PUT Length: 279
1317745196385	Sync.Resource	DEBUG	mesg: PUT success 200
1317745196385	Sync.Resource	DEBUG	PUT success 200
1317745196385	Sync.Service	INFO	Account created: 5eu2hbtqcph3btzyzypug3t5khzeneif
1317745204173	Sync.Service	INFO	Starting sync at 2011-10-04 09:20:04
1317745204173	Sync.Service	DEBUG	In sync: should login.
1317745204174	Sync.Service	INFO	Logging in user 5eu2hbtqcph3btzyzypug3t5khzeneif
1317745204174	Sync.Service	DEBUG	Finding cluster for user 5eu2hbtqcph3btzyzypug3t5khzeneif
1317745204354	Sync.Resource	DEBUG	mesg: GET success 200
1317745204354	Sync.Resource	DEBUG	GET success 200
1317745204354	Sync.Service	DEBUG	Cluster value =
1317745204354	Sync.Service	DEBUG	Setting cluster to
1317745204354	Sync.Service	DEBUG	Caching URLs under storage user base:
1317745205331	Sync.Resource	DEBUG	mesg: GET fail 503
1317745205331	Sync.Resource	DEBUG	GET fail 503
1317745205340	Sync.SyncScheduler	DEBUG	Clearing sync triggers.
Blocks: 690470
Thanks for this, Matthew. This is part of a broader service-impacting issue; there's nothing in particular that we need from this user right now.

I'll let you know if that changes!
Closed: 12 years ago
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Component: Firefox Sync: Backend → Sync
Product: Cloud Services → Firefox
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