Update flash-check to reflect that Flash 11 is 10.6+ only



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Now that Flash is out, 10.5 users are apparently going to be stuck on, so we'll need to update flash-check to not prompt them to update to an incompatible version.  Yay!

(Also, when the first 11.0 0-day comes out, we're going to have to update the blocklisting code to not blocklist for 10.5 users; should we go ahead and get a bug on file for that?)
Although in the bizarro world in which we live, it installs and runs[1] on 10.5 :O :P

[1] I've only tested http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/, in a debug build.
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Teach flash-check about Flash 11

Stuart, can you double-check the changes here?  I think they're "right" and I've tested 10.5 and 10.6 by UA spoofing and twiddling the 10.4/10.5 required Flash version on stage: http://www-stage.caminobrowser.org/welcome/
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Teach flash-check about Flash 11

>+// Returns true if the user is running at least 10.6.
>+// A false return only means that the user might be running something older,
>+// not that they definitely are.
>+function isSnowLeopardOrLater() {
>+  var osVersion = getMacOSVersion();
>+  if (osVersion)
>+    return osVersion[1] && (osVersion[1] >= 6);
>+  // If the version isn't available, check for a version of Flash that requires
>+  // 10.6+.
>+  var flashVersion = getFlashVersion();
>+  return flashVersion && (flashVersion[0] > 11);

Er, that last comparison needs to be either "> 10" or ">= 11" (we use "> 9" in the Flash comparison in isTigerOrLater, and ">= N" in the OS version comparisons; not sure why we do one check-type one way and the other another way).

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6 years ago
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Teach flash-check about Flash 11

sr=smorgan with tweaks.

>+const kLatest10_4_10_5FlashVersion = [10, 3, 183, 10];
> const kLatestPPCFlashVersion = [10, 1, 102, 64];

This ends up being a bit ambiguous. If I'm PPC 10.5, which constant applies to me? Lets call the new one kLatestPre10_6IntelFlashVersion, or kLatestIntel10_4_10_5FlashVersion.

>+  return flashVersion && (flashVersion[0] > 11);

Let's use >= everywhere.
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Deployed, with kLatestIntel10_4_10_5FlashVersion and >= everywhere in isTigerOrLater / isSnowLeopardOrLater.
Last Resolved: 6 years ago
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