When saving a Web page on openSUSE 11.4, file save dialog randomly selects directory to save page to - does not remember previous page




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Steps to reproduce:

Attempted to save a Web page to the same system directory used for a previous page save. This is on Firefox 7.0 on openSUSE 11.4.

Actual results:

Firefox selected a previously used system directory instead of the directory just previously used.  In other words, instead of remembering the directory last used to save a Web page, it appears to have randomly selected some other directory which was previously used to save a Web page. And it did not select any of those from the drop down selection in the page save dialog either; the directory selected appeared to be a random selection from the list of available disk drives to the left in the save dialog.

Expected results:

Firefox should have remembered the last used system directory to which the previous Web page was saved and automatically opened that directory preparatory to saving the Web page. By not doing so, it is forcing the user to once again drill down in the directory tree to select the directory to save the Web page to.

Comment 1

7 years ago
Did a complete uninstall of Firefox 7.0, including deleting of the entire profile. Installed Firefox 7.0.1 from openSUSE Mozilla repository, plus my extensions and copied over my backed up places.sqlite to the new installation.

This appears to have resolved the issue. I assume it was either a corrupted profile or a corrupted extension. But there's no doubt the issue was real and it was very repeatable.

Interestingly, when I examined the Firefox Extensions before deleting the current installation, I noticed that Firefox had ImageHost Grabber extension marked as "Disabled" - even though it was working fine. When I reinstalled Firefox and reinstalled the extension, it is now enabled.

Comment 2

7 years ago
Well, it's back again. Started first with page save dialogs, now it's resumed on image save dialogs as well.

This is becoming extraordinarily irritating. I do a LOT of image saves and it is intensely irritating to have to double check the directory I'm saving into and when it randomly changes switch to the directory it should be.

I'll try running Firefox in Safe Mode and see if that makes a difference.

Comment 3

7 years ago
YES, it does occur in Safe Mode. I downloaded a bunch of images into one directory, after about 20 images it switched to another directory, then after some more images into that directory it switched back to the other directory.

Here are the add-ons I'm running, if that helps:

Adblock Plus 1.3.10
DownloadHelper 4.9.5
ImageHost Grabber
Last Tab Close Button 0.3.4
NoScipt 2.1.4
RightToClick 2.8.7

None of which presumably were operating when in Safe Mode.

I'm probably going to have to switch to Chrome or Opera until this is fixed, and only use Firefox when I need to use DownloadHelper or ImageHost Grabber. Those two don't seem to be affected by this bug.

Comment 4

7 years ago
Can confirm these findings. I tried a new profile and just copied the secure dbs for stored passwords to the new profile. No change.

Of Richards add-on list, I'm also running Adblock plus an NoScript.

Anything we can do to nail this down? Some debug build perhaps?

Comment 5

7 years ago
Don't know if this might help. Normally this behavior seems kind of random, in terms of when it occurs. It doesn't happen on every save. A scenario that seems to recur is this:

1) I go to a Google Image search.
2) I start saving images from the Google Image results page.
3) On the first image, I select the directory to save to and save the image.
4) On the next few single images from the results page, each image saves to the same directory (because they're all the same person.)
5) Then it starts randomly changing directories.
6) Then I may drop to a page from the result which has multiple images on that one Web site. I'll start saving multiple images from that page. For MOST of those image saves the directory will not change, sometimes all of them. It may or may not start changing directories on me, but there seem to be more consistency when saving from one page.
7) Then I back out of that page and go back to the Google results page and start saving more images.
8) Now once again, after a few saves to the same directory, it starts randomly changing directories again.

The directories which it selects are usually directories to which I've saved images in recent hours or the last couple days. It doesn't seem to be totally random in its selection. I have over a thousand directories under my main image directory and it's not randomly selecting from all of them, just the directories to which I've saved in the last day or two.

I've had to switch to Google Chrome to do my image saves since this bug has made image saves very painful.

Comment 6

7 years ago
I'm using Ff11.0a1 and this sounds VERY much like the problem I'm seeing...

All downloads are from the same site.  If I download up to 4 files at at time, I don't see the problem.  However, if I'm doing 5-7 downloads at a time using Save Link As...  ff will randomly select a different path.  Most of the time, not always, I can hit Cancel and redo the Save Link As... and it resumes using the correct directory.

Watching this for some time, I can't pin down a specific pattern other than:
- usually, >4 downloads at a time are running
- on a save path of ~/A/J/M/P it may come up ~/A/D/N/X -- can't swear to it; but the first level directory ("A") never seems to change; just within that path.
- my directory names are relatively long (training modules), such as:
- if I pause some of the downloads so that <4 are actively downloading, I don't recall seeing the problem.
- sometimes, multiple Cancel/Save attempts will not auto-correct, so I'm forced to re-specify the path.

How does one define randomness?  :/

Comment 7

7 years ago
This continues to occur for me. It's almost as if Firefox is attempting to GUESS what directory the saved image or page should go to based on some similarity factor with a previous saved image or page but gets it wrong frequently. Very strange.

What makes this weird is that on some sites, such as a vendor pay site such as AT&T (paying my phone bill), it DOES remember precisely what directory to save a page (such as a payment confirmation) that was saved a MONTH previously! I just saw this yesterday when I paid my AT&T, DSLEXtreme and T-Mobile bills. When I saved each payment confirmation page, the directories in which I store those confirmations were opened immediately in the save dialog.

Clearly Firefox attempts to remember where to save pages based on the pages it has saved before but gets it wrong frequently if the page being saved is similar but a variant, such as an image instead of a page. 

I can't figure out if this is by design but applied incorrectly to an image save rather than a page save, or if it's an artifact of the save dialog in general.

It needs to STOP, though, on image saves! In other words, it should simply remember what the last directory used to save any page or image was rather than trying to second guess the user, i.e., a standard remember directory function of the save dialog.

It's forced me to mostly use Chrome to download multiple images at a time. I can use Firefox to save regular Web pages because a) I don't usually save multiple pages at a time (except occasionally as from Web forum threads) and 2) it mostly remembers the right directory when I save pages (but not always) - but less so for images.

Comment 8

7 years ago
Using 12.0a1 (2012-01-07)
I was just saving a series of {pdf,mp3,mp4} files into directory structure:
When I got to 6 files simultaneously downloading, a pdf and mp3 had just been targeted at:
and all seemed well.  But, when I got to the mp4 which was to go into this directory; being on a roll, I just hit Save.  However, that file ended up in:
a directory FF had not visited in at least 2 weeks and after FF12 having been updated several times and restarted twice daily as I moved from home to office and back.

Comment 9

7 years ago
Still "unconfirmed" and untouched, I see.

Well, I've pretty much given up on using Firefox after the latest bug: suddenly Firefox started reacting strangely to CTRL-C and CTRL-V. So I uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox 9.0.1 (but without cleaning out the profile) which did nothing to help.

Firefox 9.0.1 is also crashing more frequently now.

So now I'm using Chrome except in two situations: 1) when I need to bulk download images, I use Firefox with ImageHost Grabber, and 2) when I need to download videos I use Firefox with DownloadHelper. If I could get a decent equivalent to those two Firefox extensions On Chrome, I'd dump Firefox altogether.

In all other cases, I use Google Chrome now.

Mozilla needs to put a "feature freeze" on Firefox and clean up the outstanding bugs.
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