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At the moment there seems to be no way of quit app with `1` exit code it's always `0` no matter which flag was passed to the nsIAppStartup.quit  https://developer.mozilla.org/en/NsIAppStartup#quit%28%29

Also I could not find any other interface that would allow doing this. Since this information is required by cfx we have a very unpleasant workaround:


that adds lot's of unnecessary complexity (code duplication etc..).

Would be nice if we could fix this on the platform side instead either by adding a special flag that can be passed to `nsIAppStartup.quit` to exit process with a non `0` exit code or by completely new API.
Moving this over to the platform (we might want an add-ons SDK bug to depend on this).

Could you give some use cases where we need this? I don't think it'd be terribly difficult to implement but needs decent reasons for it
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7 years ago
All of our existing tests just use TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL as the failure marker: why can't this code do the same? I really don't want to add more complexity here :-(

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7 years ago
Calling this WONTFIX for now, please reopen if absolutely necessary.
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