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If I understand it correctly on windows stdout of firefox process does not includes data written using `dump` function, this is also a reason why we employ a workaround (It actually spread along few other files, but this gives an overview) to overcome this limitation. Workaround adds complexity and causes code duplication. Would be nice if we could fix whatever is broken on platform!
Alex, can you please post a link to a bug, you've submitted patch for, to fix windows console related issues. I think it may be related.
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Jsctype hack

It is bug 673383. It may help but I can't say if it is really related.
It is about stdout handling on windows, so we may give it a chance.
Here is a jsctype equivalent of this platform patch. You may give it a try!

But regarding my jetpack runner experience, I was able to retrieve firefox stdout without such jsctype hack or platform fix. So there may be some tuning to do in python side to fix it!
One thing to try is running firefox though `cmd.exe` with /K or /C option.
You can retrieve the absolute path of cmd.exe by reading env.ComSpec.


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I believe that the automated tests that run on tinderbox output using dump and that seems to be correctly captured by python, have we looked at how that works?
Irakli, can we wontfix this one?
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