Intermittent checkerboarding on zoom that disappears when panned.



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Tested on nightly 2011-10-05 using Droid X, screen resolution 480×854.
This is an intermittent checkerboarding display issue somewhat similar in appearance to Bug 681621, but this may not be related. (There is no faulty/erratic panning as in that bug, and the problem disappears when panned.)
Similar, though, was that this also took a while to locate a reproducible case, I've noticed this sporadically when zooming and occasionally when panning left/right on other sites since at least 8.0a or so.

1. Switch to portrait mode.
2. Go to (note: language)
The page displays correctly, as shown in Attachment 1 [details] [diff].
3. Double-tap to zoom-to-fit.
There is some page corruption shown in Attachment 2 [details] [diff].
4. Long press the huthuthut... nonsense to select it.
The page display is now significantly checkerboarded as shown in Attachment 3 [details] [diff].

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7 years ago
I've lost wifi access, the attachments probably won't be here til later tonight.

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7 years ago
Created attachment 564942 [details]
Step 2, displays correctly

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7 years ago
Created attachment 564943 [details]
Step 3, checkerboarded at bottom

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7 years ago
Created attachment 564944 [details]
Step 4, checkerboarded bottom and left
Step 4 is probably bug 674405.
I was able to reproduce the issue.  Switching to new.  Need to take a look at other bugs as followup.
Ever confirmed: true

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7 years ago
This bug occurs randomly when panning or zooming even when not selecting text- it may be because of bug 674405 causing that particular movement on step 4, but I don't think it is otherwise related (bug 674405 makes no mention of checkerboarding).
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