Audio is still the main cause of slowness in Quake2-GWT




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6 years ago
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Some context: bug 557423 is the main "quake2 is slow" bug, and bug 592833 is a an Audio performance bug that was fixed, originally motivated by quake2.

Today I found this Quake2 instance that plays correctly in Firefox,

so I gave it another try in Firefox 10.0a1 / linux x86_64.

It's still very slow, around 10-15 FPS but very chunky. Not playable.

However, if I set media.ogg.enabled to false (effectively disabling all sound), it becomes a lot faster, above 25 FPS and without the chunkiness. Very playable.

A profile really doesn't show much sound-related stuff. Rather, it's mostly JS and OpenGL stuff. There's 2% time spent in
That page consistently crashes my 7.0.1 and nightly (20111005) on Windows:

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6 years ago
Can you reproduce the crash in Nightly? Just checking if it got fixed by the recent landing of bug 658826. What you're experiencing is a D3D shader linker crash, and in bug 658826 we disabled optimization in the D3D shader compiler to steer clear bugs.
Crash with up-to-date nightly:
FWIW, it doesn't crash my 64-bit nightly build.  about:memory's vsize is only ~650MB just before it crashes, so I don't think this crash is being caused by address space exhaustion.
The 64-bit Windows build reports similar framerates with and without media.ogg.enabled, so what you're seeing could be a Linux-specific issue.  I'll test that platform soon.

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6 years ago
Interesting. The upstream quake2 at now works again in Firefox and I could reproduce the slowness with media.ogg enabled again on linux x86-64, firefox 10.0a1.
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