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7 years ago
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7 years ago
I am a new hire in Taras Glek's team. I would like to request a blog at and have it syndicated to Planet Mozilla.

Here is a short bio if required: "I am a new member of the Performance Team working on improving Firefox performance in desktop and mobile environments. Before joining Mozilla, I worked on a variety of projects in embedded software, networking, FPGAs and a few other areas. I also have an interest in computer security and I researched ways to improve browser and operating system security as a graduate student at the University of Toronto."
"get a new blog" requires its own bug (server-ops handle that) - since that needs to be done first, I'll morph this bug to cover that. Once that's done, you'll need to file another bug in this component for the addition to (which is handled by different people).
Assignee: nobody → server-ops
Component: → Server Operations
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QA Contact: planet-mozilla-org → cshields
Summary: Blog account for Vladan Djeric syndicated to Mozilla Planet → account for Vladan Djeric
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7 years ago
Assignee: server-ops → dgherman

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7 years ago
Added, check your email for the admin password.
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