Don't RETURN the Details: boilerplate when there aren't actually any graphserver links



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7 years ago
A successful graphserver post gets back a link, RETURNs "<p style="font-size:smaller;">Details:<br>| {a link} | {another link} |</p>" which then gets TinderboxPrinted.

That's fine, tbpl knows to parse Talos logs for the graphserver links and throw away the rest.

A failed graphserver post (where in this case I mean "failed to initialize browser" or "timeout exceeded" so there's nothing to post) gets back nothing, RETURNs "<p style="font-size:smaller;">Details:<br>|</p>" and that gets TinderboxPrinted.

That's not so fine, since when tbpl doesn't find a graphserver link, it figures things have gone off the rails, and the failure may or may not be in a FAIL: line, so it goes back to its default scrape parser, which doesn't ignore bogus things like the "RETURN: <br>" which happens before that, or that unhelpful shell of no-links, so the <ul> of results includes

* Details
* (anything that might be after that)

I'll shove it under the covers in tbpl, in bug 691958, but doing so is going to mean making tbpl throw all of something (perhaps /Details:/, more likely just /font\-size:smaller;">Details:/) on the floor, meaning that other tests will not be able to use that. Before I uncovered it, we were hiding it by throwing everything matching /s:/ away, which wound up throwing away num_ctors:, and we'd be better off not risking that sort of overhiding at all, when it's something that shouldn't be returned at all.


7 years ago
Blocks: 691958

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7 years ago
Rhelmer are you the right person to make this graph server change?  Do you have a component for graphserver that this should belong in?

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7 years ago
I don't think there's any graph server part to it, though I would have been more helpful had I put the link in the body, rather than in the URL field. My understand of it is that Talos is the one sticking its boilerplate in when it doesn't have any links to insert in there, and sending them on to buildbot which is told to TinderboxPrint anything Talos says with a RETURN: at the start, which it does even when the RETURN: is silly.

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7 years ago
Fixed by bug 698561, close enough for me. Possibly an empty return from the graphserver could still manage to get the empty boilerplate TinderboxPrinted, but if so, that's not a terrible display for that case. The cases I was really interested in will now blow up without even trying to send nothing, so they won't have a chance to get nothing back.
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