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Splinter doesn't clear drafts when publishing a review


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I'm working on reviewing a big patch. The way I want to do this is:

1) Review some of the patch.
2) Decide to have a break, but not sure if I'll get back to it today, so publish the review so far, so that the person who submitted it can work on it.
3) Return to the review - the person hasn't yet updated the patch - so I just continue where I left off.

However when I hit splinter review at step 3, it also recovers my "draft".  There appears to be no way to clear this saved draft.

Whilst splinter seems to be set up for saving drafts, doing step 2 is sometimes useful for the requester as they can then start responding or working on updates whilst the review is still in progress.
Whiteboard: [ateamtrack: p=bugzilla q=2 m=3]
Whiteboard: [ateamtrack: p=bugzilla q=2 m=3] → [ateamtrack: p=bugzilla q=2013q2 m=3]
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Splinter is retiring.

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