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control release PGO the same way we control nightly/4hr/perpush PGO builds

Bug 692646 tracks putting MOZ_PGO=1 back into mozconfigs for release builds.

After getting the 8.0b2bld2 respin started, I looked over and realized that there is a better way to control PGO for release builds.  We can safely have MOZ_PGO=1 in the mozconfig while running this patch so we can make a safe transition to having a single way (MercurialBuildFactory's profiledBuild kwarg) for turning PGO on or off.

I have attached a version of my (as yet untested) idea.  This patch has some debugging print statements, and the relevant output for mozilla-beta is:

platform: linux has pgo on
['make', '-f', '', 'build', <WithProperties@0x1036b71b8>, 'MOZ_PGO=1']
platform: linux64 has pgo on
['make', '-f', '', 'build', <WithProperties@0x1036bcdd0>, 'MOZ_PGO=1']
platform: win32 has pgo on
['make', '-f', '', 'build', <WithProperties@0x1036c2f80>, 'MOZ_PGO=1']
platform: macosx64 has pgo off
['make', '-f', '', 'build', <WithProperties@0x1036c5ef0>]

This patch also allows the release config to override both of pgo_platforms and enable_pgo, if that's needed for whatever reason.
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control release PGO the same way we control nightly/4hr/perpush PGO builds

Review of attachment 565436 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: process/
@@ +790,4 @@
>                  'mozharness_config', {}).get('multilocaleOptions')
>              enableUpdatePackaging = bool(releaseConfig.get('verifyConfigs',
>                                                        {}).get(platform))
> +            if releaseConfig.get('enable_pgo', branchConfig['enable_pgo']) and \

This shouldn't be in the release config ever IMO. Releases should inherit their branch's build configuration where possible.
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buildbotcustom v2

Same as before, but only look at the regular build config.
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Putting this bug back in the pool.  This bug can either be WONTFIXed or a version of the patch from comment 2 with the print removed could be landed conceivably.  I'd prefer to WONTFIX this and leave the mozconfig as the canonical source of configuration for release builds.
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