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Attendees not aligned with their respective free/busy timelines


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Lightning 1.0b7
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The "Invite Attendees" dialog contains on the left a list of attendees, and on the right a timeline for each attendee showing their free/busy status.  However, as can be seen in the attached screenshot, the height of the rows in the attendee list is greater than the height of the rows in the timeline, resulting in a misalignment of the two lists.  After more than about a half dozen attendees it becomes difficult or impossible to find their corresponding free/busy information, except by laboriously counting rows starting from the top.

I am using Thunderbird 7.0.1 (installed from the official x86-64 binaries) and Lightning 1.0b7 on Ubuntu 10.04.
Richard, Decathlon, maybe this bug is something for you?
Attached patch Fix the min-height (obsolete) — Splinter Review
I see this issue also with small fonts. Then the freebusy-grid's addressingWidgetItem is 1px less tall than the Attendee list's addressingWidgetItem. This patch adds this missing px.
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I can reproduce the issue on Win7 only when I set a small font (e.g. Segoe UI 8pt). With the standard font (9pt) and bigger fonts the misalignment doesn't appear.

The patch fixes the misalignment problem but, with the small font, a withe line appears in the grid (see screenshot).

At first glance a 
 min-height: 16px;
in the .freebusy-grid class fixes the problem, but I didn't look deeply in the issue. Richard, could you please double check?
I think this approach is better and it fixes also the white lines problem with small fonts
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Attachment #565608 - Flags: review?(bv1578)
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Fix the min-height v2

Oh, right. Perfect! :-)

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Btw, what happens with a really large font? Do the grid lines expand?
Yes it expands. Only the min-height was the problem. I tried it with 24px fonts and it worked (and my screen was filled with the list).
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