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Work around general flash/focus issues by special-casing tier-1 keyboard interactions


(Firefox :: Keyboard Navigation, defect)

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(Reporter: davida, Unassigned)


There are well-documented focus/plugin issues which mean that the normal event flow for keyboard controls handled by chrome don't work as expected. (see e.g. bug 78414).

At the same time, there are some keyboard commands (e.g. cmd-L, cmd-K on the mac, alt-F4 on XP) which _do_ work, even when flash has focus.

Not knowing much about the details of the plugin/focus issues, is it possible that we could deal with high-profile, high-UX-impact keyboard shortcuts by e.g. making sure that the event handlers for them kick in early in the event lifecycle, providing relief for common tasks for most users, even if we haven't yet figured out a path for the generic problem?

(/me expects there's deep reasons why not, but figured I'd ask).
Josh or Dolske might know?
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