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Support python 2.7


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Everything seems to work just fine when I use the SDK with Python 2.7 on my Windows machine.
Activate.bat complains about 2.7 when it is run, but it goes on and all cfx commands work for me.

Is there something stopping 2.7 from being accepted beyond test infrastructure?
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not that I know of.. generally python is pretty good about forwards compatibility. And I don't see anything in the unix-side path that would complain about 2.7, nor do the basic tests emit any noise under 2.7 .

Wanna add a clause to that activate.bat to recognize 2.7? I don't have a system to test it on, but I'll land it if it works for you. Then maybe we can get some automation set up (to test against 2.7 on a regular basis) and then modify the README.txt to accept 2.5/2.6/2.7, not just 2.5/2.6 .
This patch adds a check for python 2.7 to activate.bat.

It doesn't go in numerical order for the various versions of python, as 2.6 is still the preferred version of python for our build infrastructure.
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Add python 2.7 to activate.bat

Looks good! Landed in
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