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7 years ago
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7 years ago
So, when I forget to connect my SSH tunnels and, thus, cannot proxy out I get a generic grey error bar about unable to connect with Sync.  When this happens, no logs are created at all, however once I *do* connect (either by disabling my proxy or connecting the SSH tunnels) lines like the following show up in the logs after a successful Sync.  So...that's buffering somewhere which might be a bad thing (how much buffer is allocated to junk like that?) and why isn't it logging *when* it's happening?

Example log lines:
1318269622886   Sync.Service       INFO   Starting sync at 2011-10-10 11:00:22
1318269622898   Sync.SyncScheduler DEBUG    Clearing sync triggers.
1318269622899   Sync.Service       INFO   In sync().
1318269623231   Sync.Service       DEBUG  Exception: NS_ERROR_PROXY_CONNECTION_REFUSED JS Stack trace: Res_get()@resource.js:473 < _fetchInfo(...)@service.js:661 < ()@service.js:1451 < WrappedNotify()@util.js:164 < WrappedLock()@util.js:132 < _lockedSync()@service.js:1415 < ()@service.js:1406 < WrappedCatch()@util.js:106 < sync()@service.js:1394
This reminds me of Bug 625820.

We're not logging on muffled errors. Filing.
See Bug 693505.
Depends on: 693505
OS: Mac OS X → All
Hardware: x86 → All
Component: Firefox Sync: UI → Firefox Sync: Backend
Depends on: 823413
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