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Sync Fails with error "Unknown Error" on a particular Firefox or time of day


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Build ID: 20110928134238

Steps to reproduce:

After a few days, they claim that the load issue has been fixed, but I still have the error "Unknown Error"  in one of my Firefox 7 in particular.

I work with 3 PCs with Firefox:
- FF7.0.1 on my work laptop (Vista x86 Enterprise), which I use from 9am-19pm
- FF7.0.1 on my work server (Windows 2008 x64 Standard), which I use from 9am-19pm
- FF7.0.1 on my home workstation (Windows 7x64  Professional), which I use from 21pm-01am.

Only my home PC seems to be affected, I never have the error in my work server or laptop

After consulting and exchanging logs with Mozilla Services (!/PierreLeJack/status/121882645100642304,!/PierreLeJack/status/123015442297143296 and!/PierreLeJack/status/123509986176413696); they requested me to do Reset Sync and Browser restart and if that doesn't fix it to open a Bug @Bugzilla

Actual results:

Well, I made a Reset Sync and browser restart on my home PC and it didn't fix it.
MozServices requested my to file a Bug @Bugzilla (!/mozservices/status/123807080753799169 and!/mozservices/status/123887147638988800).

To help a bit, I took my work laptop home yesterday when I did the Reset Sync on my home PC.
During that time the issue ALSO happened in my work laptop, although I hadn't had any errors regarding this on the laptop in the last 2 days.
Maybe it had to do with the time of day on the server side; or a load issue?

Expected results:

Well, it should have synched normally or at least synch without errors most of the time.
During that night period I'm constantly having this error on my home PC (and now also on my laptop during the same period of the day).
Still having the 0x80040111 issue. Still doesn't happen @work laptop during working hours.
I've increased the debug as suggested on and adding that log
mass change of sync error bugs filed during outage.
Blocks: 690470
Whiteboard: [closeme 2011-10-30]
Servers were repaired. marking as FIXED
Closed: 13 years ago
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Component: Firefox Sync: Backend → Sync
Product: Cloud Services → Firefox
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