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I don't think that this is a duplicate of bug 356377, having read through, although it may be related. 

I have created an exception for a site to allow popups, and still, Aurora seems to continue to block the popup.  The message updates at every attempt, "Aurora prevented this site form opening x pop-up windows." and a dialogue appears "Error creating window".  After 5 attempts, the dialogue changes to offer also the preference "Prevent this site from creating additional dialogs".  

If I reload, the count goes back to zero, but still no popup.

Example site is - this worked in previous versions for me.

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7 years ago
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Aurora preventing a popup after user has allowed it

Attaching a screenshot which illustrates the problem.  I've already accepted popups from this site (Aurora now offers to Block them again), but at the same time, Aurora is telling me that it prevented this site from opening a pop-up window.
Tested this with a clean profile running Aurora and I can't reproduce the problem on or There must be something else going on in your profile.
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I am having the same problem on Gmail, and I believe I have identified the cause of the problem (at least the way it manifests for me).

I have an e-mail in my inbox from The email contains a tracking link for my package. 

Gmail automatically shows in my inbox a button "Track Package ->" at the right end of the subject line for that message (see screenshot in attachment), so I can track the package without having to open the e-mail. (A pretty boss feature, if you ask me!) 

When I click on the "Track Package", I get a popup error. It offers the option to "Show" which just opens the inbox again.

When I click on "Edit Pop-up Blocker Preferences...", it autofills in the field to add this site to the whitelist.

The problem is that the url is, but the whitelist adds it as It took me a lot of tries (e.g. various amazon varieties) to figure this out. The workaround is to manually type in the https:// into the whitelist suggestion.

I suggest that if the user is viewing a site in the https:// variant of the URL, that FF should include that in the suggestion, instead of stripping it off.

- RG>
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