Getting an apparently rare "double rainbow" set of sync error messages



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Screen shot

Found this in Stage environment while testing some changes for this bug:

which indirectly caused this bug:

and, for some reason, with the same account up and attempting sync, I am getting a "double rainbow" - a set of error bars.

One is gray:
"i" icon: "Sync encountered an error while syncing: Unknown error. Sync will automatically retry this action" then a "Server Status" button.
Below that, a yellow:
"i" icon: "Sync encountered an error while connecting: Server incorrectly configured. Please try again." then a "Preferences" button.

Attached the most recent sync log and the JPG showing the screen shot of the "double rainbow".

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7 years ago
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Sync-Log 1

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7 years ago
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Sync-Log 2

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7 years ago
I see that I left out the critical links to previous bugs up there:
Stage deployment:
Bug 693385 - deploy updated server-core (2.6.x) to syncstorage

Then, the bug found while testing:
Bug 694451 - Make sure that auth.check_node is always set to true for all sync products

And it seems like the Gray bar is coming from the HMAC issues or bug 694451
And the yellow bar could be coming as a result of the 503 error.

But, I have never seen this before...

Comment 4

7 years ago
Actually Stage deployment was this one:
Bug 694222 - Test and deploy MySQL option innodb_locks_unsafe_for_binlog + READ COMMITTED

(previous one listed was delayed till after MySQL changes go out)
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