JM+TI: Add better fast path for jsop_regex now that RegExpPrivate is lazy

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Since RegExpPrivates are lazy and purged on every GC, I removed the eager propagation of the RegExpPrivate from the script's RegExpObject in methodjitted jsop_regexp in bug 673188. What we probably want now is to:

- Eagerly initialize the |RegExpPrivate| for the script's RegExpObject at methodjit compile time
- Test whether the RegExpPrivate slot is null
- If so, exit to stub, which will create it on the script's RegExpObject (for reuse later) and then clone it as normal
- Otherwise, incref as we were doing before

Should be a tiny patch, but I didn't want to try to fix it for the former commit so that we'd have a patch per bug.
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Force private creation for clone source.

We need the JSOP_REGEXP op to create sharing of the RegExpPrivate. If the script's RegExpObject has a NULL RegExpPrivate no such sharing will occur.
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Also, like I was indicating in the bug description, with the purging added in bug 634654 we'll want to branch to the stub if the original has a null RegExpPrivate so that we can recreate and subsequently share it.
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Force private creation for clone source.

Forgotten refcount bump for mjit code.
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Duplicate of this bug: 694762
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