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default style sheet on breaks numbered lists inside unordered lists


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The default style sheet on breaks numbered lists that are inside unordered lists.  (This problem does not show up on other MediaWiki instances that I'm familiar with.)

For example, the wiki markup:

* item
*# item
*#* item

should produce something that looks like:

* item
  1. item
     * item

but on it looks like:

* item
  * item
    * item

An example of this can be seen on:
in the section with text:

    If you want to just join the public mailing list
        send an email to "" with the subject "subscribe", and then reply to the automated reply. (Don't forget to add the "-request" to the end of the list name.) 
    If you want to become a member of the working group, and you work for Mozilla:
        make sure you have a W3C member access account associated with Mozilla
            if you don't already have a W3C user account, create one
            if you have an W3C user account associated with a previous employer or as an invited expert, change the affiliation of that account 
        contact Mozilla's Advisory Committee Representative, David Baron, and ask him to add you to the group. 

Note that if, in Firefox, I choose View -> Page Style -> No Style, I get the correct display.  This makes it clear that this is a problem with the style sheet (setting list-style-image where it shouldn't be, most likely).
Due to limited resources, we're not addressing non-critical issues on deprecated themes. Closing as WONTFIX. Please re-open with additional info if you feel this is a critical bug.
Closed: 8 years ago
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