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Reftest should turn off locale picker when running on mobile


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This is probably not causing us any issues, but we turn this off for mochitests, so it seems like we should turn it off for reftests too.

Note that even with this off, you don't get the reftests foregrounded in the UI.  What you get is the reftest window opening up and then the fennec UI opening up on top of it.  So you're looking at the fennec UI and it doesn't appear that anything is happening, but the reftests themselves are running in the window behind the fennec ui.

Attaching a patch to deal with the locale picker issue.
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the patch

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::: layout/tools/reftest/
@@ +336,5 @@
>            fhandle = open(os.path.join(profileDir, "user.js"), 'a')
>            fhandle.write("""
>  user_pref("capability.principal.codebase.p2.granted", "UniversalPreferencesWrite UniversalXPConnect UniversalBrowserWrite UniversalPreferencesRead UniversalBrowserRead");
>  user_pref("", "http://%s:%s");
> +user_pref("", false);

can we move this out of the options.enablePrivilege block?  That will require us to do another fhandle open/write/close.
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Good point. I didn't realize I was inside that if statement.  Been coding too much javascript.

Here's a version that does the locale picker preference no matter what, and only adds the enable privilege stuff if we're running jsreftest.  It also only opens the file once.
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A better patch

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looks great, thanks!
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