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maybe related to bug 473304, but continuing to file separately as it doesn't quite sound the same.


My calendar is CalDAV based, connected to Mozilla's Zimbra server. My boss several months ago invited me to a recurring weekly department meeting (as well as everyone else in my department).  I am on vacation this week, so using iCal (I'm bouncing around between clients while I sort out which has the features I need after stuff I depended on got removed from iCal in Lion) I deleted the individual occurrence of the meeting off my calendar.

Zimbra treated this as declining the meeting, which still shows on the Zimbra web interface, but grayed out, with "Declined" for the status if you view it.

In Lightning, the event still shows, with no visual distinction between it and any of the other events.

If I copy/paste the event out of Lightning into a text editor (suggested on IRC) I get the raw ics data.  I see in that data that it shows STATUS:ACCEPTED but it also has an ATTENDEE entry with my email address in it that shows DECLINED.

The calendar is correctly associated in the calendar properties with the same email address that shows declined in the attendee list on the event.
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redacted event

here's the event data, with the names and email addresses of particpants other than myself redacted as well as the conference room access information.
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Does this still happen? I see events as half-transparent if they are declined. What email address do you have set in the calendar properties? Make sure its

Another common problem (and a bug in Lightning) is that sometimes the wrong email address is selected. You can see this in the debug logs in the query with calendar-user-address-set in it. We take the first valid email. If thats dmiller@... instead of justdave@ then there may be a problem detecting the right email address.
Duplicate of this bug: 1154345
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