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[tracking] Stats for apps


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fligtar says that apps will also have statistics.

This mean we need to rethink what we show on the stats pages since apps won't have info like ADU.
Premium apps should (at the discretion) of the app, be doing verification pings to check the app is paid for.
Priority: -- → P3
Whiteboard: [webapps] → [webapps][ddn]
Blocks: 710074
No longer blocks: 690899
Blocks: 718560
No longer blocks: 710074
For the beta launch, this will consist of:

- Download stats
- (if applicable) Payment stats.  Payment stats are only available to admins and people with permissions (see existing contributions graphs for permissions to use)

You should be able to copy the code for the existing stats pages with some adjusting of the sources.
Blocks: 735054
Whiteboard: [webapps][ddn]
Priority: P3 → P1
cc'ing Daniel to give a r+ that we are fetching the right kind of information for  metrics when this bug is resolved.
Depends on: 737220
CCing Davor as he'll probably be the one working on these pages (:
Blocks: 737229
No longer blocks: 737229
Depends on: 737229
Davor's working on this this week (:
Assignee: nobody → dspasovski
Target Milestone: --- → 6.4.8
Target Milestone: 6.4.8 → 6.4.9
Front end is done:

Talking to cvan it seems the proper way to plug in the real stats will be trickier than initially expected so he'll handle some of the tasks/cron logic.
Assignee: dspasovski → cvan
Assignee: cvan → nobody
Summary: Stats pages for apps → [tracking] Stats pages for apps
Summary: [tracking] Stats pages for apps → [tracking] Stats for apps
Target Milestone: 6.4.9 → 6.5.0
Assignee: nobody → dspasovski
Target Milestone: 6.5.0 → 6.5.1
Depends on: 748015
Target Milestone: 6.5.1 → ---
Assignee: dspasovski → nobody
Blocks: 752013
No longer blocks: 735054, 718560
Depends on: 749319
Depends on: 753195
Depends on: 759081
Depends on: 759099
Component: Public Pages → Statistics
Product: → Marketplace
QA Contact: web-ui → statistics
Version: unspecified → 1.0
Depends on: 759714
Depends on: 759731
No longer blocks: 739941
Depends on: 739941
Depends on: 761328
Blocks: 766201
No longer blocks: 752013
Assignee: nobody → ngoke
Depends on: 777163
Blocks: 766199
No longer blocks: 766201
Depends on: 770246
Depends on: 781826
Blocks: 782711
No longer blocks: 766199
No longer depends on: 770246
All that's left are low priority bugs so I'm closing this.  You may be interested in bug 799674 or bug 799676
Closed: 11 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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