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syncing against wrong account?



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6 years ago
6 years ago


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6 years ago
I've got the iPhone application installed (first installed it back when Dan
was still handing out ad-hoc beta versions, but I'm on the proper app-store
version now, v1.1.1), and syncing with two laptops and an android tablet. All
the laptops and the tablet exchange tabs+bookmarks correctly: new tabs on one
machine show up on the others within a few minutes.

The iPhone app appears to run the sync process normally (it says
"authorizing.. tabs.. bookmarks.. history.. done"), but the tabs it's showing
me are at least a few months out of date. Adding new tabs to the desktop
machine never show up on the iphone app. I know it was working correctly
before then.

It feels like the phone is syncing against the wrong account, or against a
stale database on an old server node. But it emits no error messages.

My account name is "warner", and the desktop machine is hitting
phx-sync014.services.mozilla.com . The phone says it's using "warner" as
well. I'll try to run a network sniffer tonight to see what server the phone
is using.. I don't have a lot of other tools to extract infromation from the
phone, but maybe y'all know of some way to extract logs. I've got the iPhone
SDK installed at home, might be able to pull something useful out of it.

I figure I can just de-authorize the phone and re-pair it to make everything
start working again, but I wanted to first check to see if anybody wanted to
extract some debugging information from it while it's in this state.

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6 years ago
Nevermind.. I timed out, re-paired, and now it's working fine. Maybe next time.
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