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WebGL doesn't work after Bug 615976


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Can't get WebGL window and "ResizeOffscreenFBO failed with AA, retrying without..." after opening any WebGL demo after Bug 615976 fixed.
The same with webgl.force-enable=true.

MSAA _is_ available on my driver.
Blocks: 615976
Component: General → Canvas: WebGL
Product: Firefox → Core
QA Contact: general → canvas.webgl
Confirmed that ResizeOffscreenFBO does not properly retry after AA failure.

I'll take a look at your glxinfo to try to see why it failed in the first place, but it's a bug that it doesn't fallback to no-aa properly.
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Ever confirmed: true
OS: Linux → All
Hardware: x86_64 → All
After going over your glxinfo, it looks like while your OpenGL implementation supports AA (that is, it has the right functions), and your card also likely supports AA (you'd be hard-pressed to find one which doesn't, these days), your current drivers do not support any level of MSAA.

The 'ms' column regards the level of multisampling supported for that config line. The 'ns' is the number of samples, and 'b' appears to be something having to do with the number of buffers (either required or available). Unfortunately, all of the config lines in your gfxinfo under 'ms' are '0', meaning that it is not possible to get hardware antialiasing with your current driver/card/system configuration.

You may check if there have been any driver updates, though, because that would by my guess as to what's not supporting multisampling.
This user is already on a very recent development snapshot of Mesa and the radeon driver, so it could be that MSAA is not available at all in the radeon driver, which would suck.
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Fix ResizeOffscreen FBO not properly retrying without AA after failing with AA.

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Thanks for the quick patch. Landing right away on mozilla-central, skipping inbound, so that it will be in tomorrow's nightly at the same time as the AA patches.
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