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Migrate gyp support files over to TR


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(Whiteboard: blocks-frr-builds, integration-pain-point)

Over in the Flash Runtime, a set of gyp files that control what AVM files are used in (some of) the builds landed within third_party/avmplus.  (This happened in early October, see CL 980508 in Perforce.)

In order to make FRR+TR buildable for platforms that are using gyp as "the way" to build, we need to migrate those gyp files into tamarin-redux.

(It may be as simple as just copying the files, but we should scrub them first to make sure there's no leakage of info we don't want in TR.)

I cannot tell whether this is actually related to our existing gyp work or not; see e.g. BUg 637228.
Flags: flashplayer-qrb?
changeset:   6694:288961a14c43
user:        Tommy Reilly <>
date:        Tue Nov 01 09:26:04 2011 -0400
summary:     This file needs to live in hg for our FRR system to work, this is the stock one +files for float. (r=me)
changeset: 7151:c1b5ea903dc0
user:      Felix S Klock II <>
summary:   Bug 696171: migrate builtinglue and mmgc gypi files from P4 (r=fklockii).
Assignee: nobody → fklockii
(not quite done yet; need to back-propogate an update to avm.gypi.)
Whiteboard: blocks-frr-builds
In addition to the file additions I already have planned in the change to avm.gypi, there is also the following change that the player team has made to avm.gypi:

<                             'GCC_VERSION' : '4.2'
>                             'GCC_VERSION' : ''

Need to put that in as well (and preferably document why).
Whiteboard: blocks-frr-builds → blocks-frr-builds, integration-pain-point
changeset: 7164:8ff9b8c72d89
user:      Felix S Klock II <>
summary:   Bug 696171: updates to avm.gypi needed for FRR builds (r=fklockii).
Closed: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Flags: flashplayer-qrb?
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