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Video and audio controls should adjust their display based on dimensions using the onresize event


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Bug 876426 added a "resizevideocontrols" event that we can use to fix this bug.

The changes will need to be made in /toolkit/content/widgets/videocontrols.xml
Bug 689374 and bug 462117 are for adding specialized HTML5 audio/video controls for small-dimension media, but they rely on the size of the media when it is loaded.

It will be good to add an event handler for element.onresize so that we can adjust the controls when the elements are resized (instead of just when the page loads).
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It seems that |onresize| is only fired for window elements ( A polling approach could be used. Is there a better event to be used?
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Isn't this exactly what CSS @media queries are for?
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The implementation of element 'resize' events is at bug 227495, so that bug would need to be fixed before this one can use that approach.

However, you could try Mardeg's comment about using CSS media queries.
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Bug 876426 added a "resizevideocontrols" event that we can use to fix this bug.

The changes will need to be made in /toolkit/content/widgets/videocontrols.xml.

Owen, would you like to work on this bug as well as bug 729111?
Depends on: 876426
No longer depends on: 227495
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Assignee: nobody → owen
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Mentor: jaws
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Assignee: owen → nobody
User Story: (updated)

is this bug still available for fixing? i want to try it out

can it be assigned to me?

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I'm not exactly sure if this bug is still present, given it looks like bug 876426 would have fixed it. However in comment #4 I implied it wasn't fixed yet. @Bukola, do you want to try to put together a webpage that has a video on it that is resizable and see what is working well and what isn't working well?

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Its okay if its been fixed, I recently worked on something related to video and audio control

Thats what drew my attention to the bug.

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