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Top Icons in the Options Window Not Aligned Properly on Windows


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Steps to reproduce:

While opening the Options window on Windows 7, I noticed that the icons in the top section of the window, aren't aligned properly or aren't centered. The same problem is present on Windows XP.

Actual results:

In front of the General icon there is more white space, than after the Advanced icon. This is a problem that was introduced in Windows after the Sync icon was added to the Options window.

This problem is present an all Windows versions.

Please see attached screenshot for illustration. The problematic areas are filled with red.

Expected results:

The icons in the top section of the Options window should be centered or aligned according to UI grid, while leaving equal amount of padded white space on both sides of the window.

Ideally, Firefox should have an auto adaptable width on the Options window on Windows.
I don't really think this is a bug.  The issue here is that there is text displayed under the icons.

Since the spacing is determined by the maximum of the icon width and the text label with, the icons are not equally spaced.

In some cases ,such as "Advanced", the text is much wider than the icon.  This results in even greater extra space between the sync and advanced icon.

I think this is all working as intended.
Severity: normal → S3
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