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current link indication vs. background color: use multicolored dots instead of all black dots [testcase URL not safe for work]


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Browse the URL but then don't touch your mouse.
Instead use the TAB key to jump from link to link on the page.
Note how in Chromium there is a yellow frame around the current link,
but in Firefox one cannot tell which link we are on.
Probably Firefox expects all backgrounds to be light.

(Another issue is on smaller screens where this particular page does not fully fit.
There one cannot tell what link one is on if the link is below the screen... perhaps that is a page issue, and not Chromium or Firefox's fault.)
moving to general component until someone figures out if there's anything wrong with CSS styles processing on this site.
Component: Disability Access → General
QA Contact: disability.access → general
What is the content of that site?
OK, the page seems to be adult content, so testers beware.

So what do you mean exactly? The initial page is black, with some Chinese text where you need to click you are over 18. Meanwhile, the rest of the page is also there (so the adult content is downloaded), it is just amateurishly hidden (using CSS). There are some links in it, that can be tabbed to and there is no focus around them. But I see the same behavious on Chrome 14 on linux. I think this is exactly what the page wants - that the content is initially invisible together with the focus rectangles. After you confirm the age (which crappily needs javascript), the page content is revealed and has white background. The focus around the links are visible fine.

So what exactly is the problem?
Summary: current link indication vs. background color → current link indication vs. background color [testcase URL not safe for work]
(In reply to :aceman from comment #3)
I am just saying that while tabbing around on the black background, one cannot tell which link we are now on,
whereas in Chrome I could see a yellow boundary showing me which link I was on.

Please do not actually click (or hit Enter) any of those links, as the black background goes away and the experiment is ruined.
As I said, I could not see the yellow boundary (focus) around links in Chrome 14 on linux. What exact version are you using?
Yellow box seen after pressing TAB once on using
Chromium 14.0.835.202 (Developer Build 103287 Linux) Built on Debian unstable, running on Debian wheezy/sid
(By the way, for both Firefox and Chromium, on smaller screens, after enough tabs the current link becomes somewhere off the bottom of the screen. But perhaps blame that on the webpage.)
Well, I get that focus ring also on Firefox.

I do not get any focus ring on links further down the page in the black area. Tabbing further, the page scrolls for me down automatically. But it may also depend on allowing javascript. That tries to move the visible text block to be always visible even when the page is scrolled.
(In reply to :aceman from comment #7)
> Well, I get that focus ring also on Firefox.
How could you? Doing ALT V y n to turn off styles shows Firefox uses a square made of black dots --
no wonder they are invisible upon black backgrounds!
My point is with Firefox, one cannot tell for even the first TAB one presses what link one is now on.
I suppose chrome is just lucky in choosing yellow which works with both white and black backgrounds,
Ah... so Firefox needs multicolored dots to defeat any background!
Indeed with multicolored dots (each dot a different color) the only type of background that could hide the box made thereof would be a background image of the same site multicolored dots! Rare.
Summary: current link indication vs. background color [testcase URL not safe for work] → current link indication vs. background color: use multicolored dots instead of all black dots [testcase URL not safe for work]
It seems the page has changed, the block of text is missing and the content is revealed straight.

There is something strange with your Firefox. For me, the dots around the link (focus) are the same color as the link text. When I turn off css style as you describe in comment 8, the dots are blue, not black.

Try running Firefox in safe mode (Help -> Restart with Addons disabled) to see if it is not some extension causing this for you.
Indeed it seems they did change it, and even
doesn't have their black 'splash screen'. 

So never mind the URL for this bug. Let's just talk theory:
OK, but what if the link is just an image (of a piece of text, etc.), then Firefox is out of luck picking colors.
So at least in that case my multicolored dots idea sounds good, no?
Maybe. Maybe inverse colors for the dots would be best (inverting the colors of the pixels of the background). But also the same color as link text (as present) is a good idea. The page developer already chose colors so that link text is visible finely. So the focus dots will be visible too as they have the same color. Maybe it could break if the link has a border of the same color;)

I'll look if there isn't already a bug for this.
Just remember both the background and the link could be images, not CSS colors, so you would have to be pretty high tech to ... not employ multicolored dots...
It seems both Firefox 29 and Chrome 31 use white dots for this site now.
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