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7 years ago
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7 years ago
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This thing (toolkit/components/feeds) has something like 11 idl files for a couple components, and we don't use most of them. I suspects also addons don't need all of these.
I made this patch some time ago, iirc it passes 199 tests out of 200, so there is probably still something to fix and it's likely bitrotted, but attaching to avoid losing it.


7 years ago
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7 years ago
Philor, do you want to take this bug by chance?

My patch is mostly a cleanup (and likely bitrotted by recent changes to date functions, but that should be easy to fix), but a bunch of interfaces are currently unused looking at addons mxr:

Ideally, this should just be a simple js module, but there are lots of addons relying on these nasty interfaces, maybe we could do the module and provide a deprecated interfaces shim component, that just wraps it. The product would just use the module while add-ons may keep using the component for a while.
I must also say the feedprocessor is tremendously slow and hangs the ui thread, so it's possible we are using the wrong blocking interfaces to fetch and parse, this may be a bug apart though.
Sorry, but based on my experience so far with the modern world, where all interfaces are unfrozen by reviewers, but then flash-refrozen by drivers ordering you to back out immediately, I'll probably never again touch anything that could be remotely construed as an API.

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7 years ago
Honestly, you should not care about people trying to slowdown us, for sure not taking personal effort in replying them. They want us to go slower, we just can't, look at the evolving browsers' market. Btw, in this case we'd keep the interfaces, through a simple shim redirecting to the module, for a couple releases.
Btw, I can understand your frustration.


6 years ago
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Is this bug still relevant?

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3 years ago
yes, we still have a bunch of pointless interfaces in feeds.

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29 days ago
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