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Bring up to date for compare locales


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Attached patch The fix (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Thunderbird's has gotten a little out of date and needs a bit of work, namely:

- We shouldn't exclude checking some strings in plugins.dtd, especially as we want them now.
- Match the rest of the file to the same style as Firefox's so that we can easily translate changes across from one file to the other.
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The fix

Review of attachment 569670 [details] [diff] [review]:

We haven't done this for any of firefox etc, but if we're changing big, we should change for the better. A good example is the 1.9.2 one, which uses text flags instead of fancy bools, see

Can we just go that route instead?
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Attached patch The fix v2Splinter Review
Similar patch to the previous but uses "ignore" and "error" in the return values.
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The fix v2

Review of attachment 579633 [details] [diff] [review]:

This looks much better than the true/false mess, but there are some comments and logic that could even be stronger, thus an r-.

::: mail/locales/
@@ +18,3 @@
>    if mod == "extensions/spellcheck":
> +    # l10n ships en-US dictionary or something, do compare
> +    return "error"

The comment here is a tad confusing. What this is doing is that if we had a .dtd or .properties file in en-US and l10n, it'd actually compare. Really just a safeguard.

See also the comment below.

@@ +26,5 @@
> +  if path != "chrome/messenger-region/":
> +    # only exceptions remain, compare all others
> +    return "error"
> +  
> +  return (re.match(r"browser\.search\.order\.[1-9]", entity)) and "ignore" or "error"

I'd suggest to invert the logic, and have all exceptions being in explicit conditions.

Something like (with 4space indention, too):

if mod == "mail":
  if path == "":
    return (entity == "MOZ_LANGPACK_CONTRIBUTORS") and "ignore" or "error"
  elif path == "chrome/messenger-region/":
    return (re.match(r"browser\.search\.order\.[1-9]", entity)) and "ignore" or "error"

return "error"
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Do we/Thunderbird still need this?
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Can't speak to the initial comment here, really. I'd suspect yes, though.
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Let's close this and create a new bug if something breaks.

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