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devicemanagerADB's killProcess function doesn't actually work


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devicemanagerADB's killProcess function could never work for the following reasons:

1. It calls ps on the process that it's trying to kill
2. It returns after only one iteration of the loop

It turns out that this method would be useful for the remote mozrunner class that I'm using, so I'm going to do up a patch to actually make this work.
Hey Joel, what do you think of this? I've tested this in isolation, but not yet in conjunction with anything else (I can't seem to get mochitest working with devicemanagerADB). If it looks good to you I'll generate a patch for talos as well.
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Make killProcess method work in

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this is great, should we do this with other functions as well?
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If you mean "make them work", then yes, we should probably do that with other functions at some point. :) If you're referring to the runCmdAs thing I added, I don't see any other places in that would benefit from using it, but let me know if you do.
Eugh, this is embarassing. It turns out that the previous patch doesn't actually work. This one should. Could you re-review? Sorry for the bother.
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Make killProcess method work in take 2

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this looks fine.
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Hey Joel, could you commit these for me since you've reviewed them? :)
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