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Steps to reproduce:

I created an offline Web Application by listing my site's files in an "offline.manifest" file. Then, included a reference to the .manifest file in the manifest attribute of the HTML element in my app's pages. 

For simplicity, let's assume my page has an index page and a cache page. The cache page has images on it and the test to see if it all works is to access the index page, go offline, and navigate to the cache page and see everything appear as expected (page + images from appcache).

I ensured that the manifest file was served up with the right mime type and tried the app. Everything worked as expected. Specifically, I performed the following steps:
1) Accessed the index page and noticed that all files were loaded in the AppCache (by using AppCache event logging and monitoring my Python HTTP server log)
2) Went offline (File > Work Offline)
3) Accessed other pages in my site and found all the files (images, etc.) as expected, loaded from the appcache.

I then noticed that the default extension for the manifest file changed to *.appcache and changed the name of the manifest file to offline.appcache and updated the reference to it in the index file. Note that it ONLY changed it in the index file and not the cache file (by accident, really). The cache HTML file still had a reference to offline.manifest...

Note: I am attaching a Zip file with instructions and an entire test site (from a lab of my HTML5 training course) so you can quickly check this yourself. Make sure you serve manifest and appcache files with the correct mime type.

If needed, full steps for running this are located in the lab file:

Test files are in (this is the folder to serve up):

The only difference in the instructions here is that I've changed the name of the manifest file in the cache.html file)

Actual results:

I repeated my test procedure and Accessed the index file, went offline, then accessed the cache file. This is when Firefox starts some really weird behavior. It does not load the cache page, but instead tries to load the file about once a second and only refreshes the URL in address bar, effectively spinning out of control.

Expected results:

In Chrome, this simply throws the following error without the weird behavior:
Application Cache Error event: Manifest fetch failed (404)


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app cache is going away. hello service workers!
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