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Null dereference with bad channel implementing URI in nsHTMLDocument::StartDocumentLoad


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I wrote a buggy nsIChannel implementation, which returned a null URI calling GetURI.  Mozilla crashed later on this line:


I have a patch for that but no active test.  My test at the time involved a JS-implemented channel.
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I would rather crash here than press on with a bogus channel impl and end up with a security hole or something...
Yeah, I think I agree with bz. Is there a particular reason you want to change this?
Oh, just a lovely little theory that I've held as an article of faith, which says JavaScript should never be able to cause a crash accidentally.

What would you say to a patch which forced a crash at the actual point (NS_RUNTIMEABORT), instead of some 70 lines later?
Given that we want to move towards implementing more stuff in JS, I don't think we can keep saying that JS should never be able to crash the browser.

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