Show link URL/href preview in Thunderbird without status bar



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Steps to reproduce:

With the status bar disabled, mouse over a hyperlink.

Actual results:

Nothing pops-up at the bottom left screen.

Expected results:

Preview of URL links should pop-up at the bottom left, just like in Firefox 7. It would be nice to see this feature, making it consistent with FF. I want to turn off the status bar to maximize vertical space (precious with today's silly monitor aspect ratio), but can't do without having the URL link preview as it's a very important tool against phishing.


6 years ago
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6 years ago
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6 years ago
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Yes, this would be a very good bug to fix!
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Summary: Show link preview in Thunderbird without status bar → Show link URL/href preview in Thunderbird without status bar
> Bug summary : Show link URL/href preview in Thunderbird without status bar

Firefox still shows URL upon "hoover on link" in an XUL statusbar element named "status-bar".
> 970     <!-- This is a shim which will go away ASAP. See bug 749804 for details -->
> 971     <toolbar id="addon-bar" toolbar-delegate="nav-bar" mode="icons" iconsize="small">
> 972       <hbox id="addonbar-closebutton"/>
> 973       <statusbar id="status-bar"/>
> 974     </toolbar>
And, "Showing link URL/href preview in Firefox" is not "popup window" even if "onmenupopup" like event is utilized in implementation. "Showing link URL/href preview in Firefox" can be called "embed StatusBar is placed in a ToolBar which is still named 'addon-bar, which is placed at bottom of XUL window". So, it is rather "XUL window design change in Firefox" instead of "a new feature of Firefox".

This is still statusbar with id="status-bar".
In Tb, statusbar(XUL element with id="status-bar") shouldn't be hidden automatically in many places(for example, number of downloaded mails, number of moved mails, ...).
If "automatic hiding after showning text in statusbar element" is default, code for "don't auto hide statusbar text" will be needed in many places. So, in Tb, "automatic hiding status bar teext after showing hoovered URL" should be done by code for "showing hoovered URL".
Spec of "autohiding statusbar element" is "auto hide if statusbar text=null is set"?

Comment 3

3 years ago
In my opinion, this is also a security issue. 
When I receive a spam or phishing email, which isn't easily recognizable, not showing the real address of hyperlinks before clicking them (or, as I currently try to circumvent complicatedly by copying link and putting it in a text input) is endagering security.
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