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Talos's pageloader manifest files should be served dynamically


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Right now pageloader manifests are loaded from disk during tests. Since pages are of the form "http://localhost/..." they need to be rewritten to something like "" before they are ready to be used in the mobile/remote case (since fennec needs to contact the web server running remotely to get the actual pages).

This unfortunately means that you need to run the configurator step (which writes new copies of these manifests and copies them to the device) before running the tests. This is rather counterintuitive to say the least, and also makes using talos slightly more complicated than it should be (since you always need to regenerate the configuration before running your test).

It would be better to serve up manifests dynamically to the clients that use them via HTTP, and do the rewriting at that time. This wasn't possible as long as we were using apache, but moving to mozhttpd should let us do this. To accomplish this, we'll need to do three things:

1. Land Joel's mozhttpd patch (see bug 688604)
2. Modify our internal mozhttpd server to rewrite manifest files before sending them to the client.
3. Modify pageloader to get the URL manifests from a URL, not from disk

We may want to make this behavior optional at first, so that releng doesn't immediately have to change the production talos setup (which still uses apache). Opinions welcome!
Depends on: 688604
alternatively we could look into doing this for remote talos only and probably by default the desktop stuff will just end up being the same.
Depends on: 1231626
Whiteboard: [talos_wishlist]
Closed: 2 years ago
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