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6 years ago
Matteo has demonstrated a good understanding of Mozilla and Jetpack development and review processes since becoming a member of the Jetpack team.  He should have level 1 access so he can commit his own patches to Jetpack project repositories.  I vouch for him.

Matteo: per the procedure outlined on <>, please provide in this bug:

1. the email address you want to use as your username on Mozilla-hosted repositories;
2. an SSH public key.

Then send Mozilla a completed committer's agreement <>, after which update this bug to let us know that you've sent it in.  A Mozilla representative will take it from there.
Created attachment 588745 [details]
SSH public key

I'd like to use as email address.
I've sent in the Agreement.

Comment 3

6 years ago
I have received Matteo's Committer's Agreement.
Over to server-ops for account creation
QA Contact: repo-acct-req → server-ops
(In reply to Dave Townsend (:Mossop) from comment #4)
> Over to server-ops for account creation

Please let the despots handle that, especially considering you did the change incorrectly. :)

(In reply to Matteo Ferretti [:matteo] [:zer0] from comment #1)
> I'd like to use as email address.

It'll be tied to your actual LDAP account (mferretti@, I assume), but you're welcome to have your commit messages say whatever you like.

Over to server-ops for realzies.
Assignee: mozillamarcia.knous → server-ops
QA Contact: server-ops → repo-acct-req
+hg, +pubkey, +scm_level_1 bits set for Matteo. Happy Hacking!
Last Resolved: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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