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Mac OS X

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See video here:

The video playback is extremely choppy and easily locks up for a second at a time.

It appears that most of the time the firefox process is not affected and I can both scroll fine as well as see mouse-over effects in the UI, even while the playback is "hung".

Similarly, the audio plays fine without skipping.

However even the firefox process does lock up every now and then which likely is related to the playback, but might not be.

I can reproduce this without fault on my fairly new MacBook Pro.
> extremely choppy and easily locks up for a second at a time

I think this is an exaggeration.  But (testing in today's FF
mozilla-central nightly on OS X 10.7.2)	I did see five or six
instances in the tape of Papandreou of the video freezing for a second
or so, or going entirely blank.

Problem	is, I see exactly the same faults in Safari (at exactly the
same times).  I also see them again when I replay the video in Firefox
(by which time it's already in the network cache).  I strongly suspect
these faults are in the original video.  Or possibly it's a Flash

What version of FF are you using, on which version of OS X?  What
version of Flash do you have installed?
Another puzzle:  Do Swedes understand Greek well enough not to need a translation? :-)
After rebooting my computer (after OSX crashed on me) I can no longer reproduce more than the occasional freeze that you're describing.

I don't however see those freezes in safari. Unfortunately the video doesn't play in chrome here, so I can't test there.
I just tested in Chrome, which did play the video.

But I still see pauses ... a few more than I saw in Firefox and Safari.  I also saw at least one pause in the Microsoft ad that plays just before the video (which I now remember that I also see in Firefox and Safari).

So I now suspect that this a server problem, or a network problem.
> So I now suspect that this a server problem, or a network problem.

The problem(s) I saw, of course.

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