Search box text doesn't get selected on left-click under X11




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Steps to reproduce:

Enter something into search box. Click somewhere else so that the search box looses the focus. Go back to the search box by doing a right-click on it.

Actual results:

Typing "I" cursor appears on the search box.

Expected results:

The text in the search box should get selected automatically, just like in Windows or Mac versions of Firefox.


6 years ago
Summary: Search box text doesn't get selected on right-click under X11 → Search box text doesn't get selected on left-click under X11

Comment 1

6 years ago
Changed a typo from right-click to left-click (i.e. a normal mouse click)
This is intentional behavior - Linux selection behavior is that way to match platform conventions, IIRC.
Last Resolved: 6 years ago
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Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 10
Target Milestone: Firefox 10 → ---

Comment 3

6 years ago
How does it violate Linux selection behavior?
I don't recall the details. There's a history available in CVS blame and bugzilla, but it's hard to find. Or someone on #developers might recall.

Comment 5

5 years ago
There is a misunderstanding how Primary selection on X Windows System works. There are two types of selections, Clipboard and Primary.

Clipboard works the same way in every OS, user has to explicitly copy/paste the text by a keyboard shortcut or a menu.

The Primary selection is specific to X Windows System only. Quote from :

" is for when the user has highlighted or selected something (e.g., dragging the mouse over some text.)"

Note the "dragging the mouse over some text" part, user has to select the text manually.

Now let's see how the search withing a page works in Firefox. If you do Ctrl-F/Cmd-F and type something in the input field - next time you call the search it will select the text in the field automatically. Yet you can still do a middle mouse click to paste from the primary selection. Automatic selection doesn't affect the primary selection which is great.

If the page search complies with the X Windows standard then the web search have to comply too.
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