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6 years ago
So, hours ago I saw Paul Rouget, one of Firefox engineer, tweet about Firefox new Open tabs page, https://wiki.mozilla.org/images/6/68/New_tab_page_first_iteration_design_spec1.png 

yeah it's a good one, catching up with ie9 and chrome now(but better late than never).
And somewhere in my mind, I'm actually kind of furious with this whole "Firefox's future and concept" plan, which mostly never make it in Firefox release. So I reply to one of my most annoyed firefox design, the "ultimate-most-annoying-experience-in-saving-image-on-the-web", tararadumm... "Firefox Download Manager". 

The tweet was like this:
"@paulrouget how about releasing new download manager first? it's been so long that people forget firefox concept that first."

and surprisingly I got reply, kinda excited when a brand you love actually reply your concern.

@paulrouget reply:
"@herriwanglai why do you think one is slowing down the other? Work in progress (should be in Firefox 11)."

I feel challenged to reply, but because the tweet was too short, i add some complain, in which I had complaint years ago, regarding how bookmark is displayed. 

"@paulrouget i'm thinking about functionality priority. and i still think that bookmark should be display in thumbnail view."

I often use bookmarks, it's a great feature and Firefox Sync improve the experience even further, it's something like "once you see it, you can never go back". But just like History, Bookmarks reside in sidebars, with so little space to show such long list of links and if you bookmark 30 pages of the same website, good luck find your page.
For several iteration of Firefox, Bookmarks experience never improve, so I use it less and less.
It's not a smooth experience, fresh install of Firefox and it shows bookmarks of "link-people-never-actually-open", and managing bookmarks is even worst, it's a **** job, you shouldn't present those experience to your million users.

Basically, bookmark is simple, but it needs to present simple experience and ease of use.
Firefox Bookmark functionality is there, but it lack polishing.

And now, I use readitlater add-on for my bookmarks, why?
Because it combine:
- a list of pages i want to save(bookmarks)
- a list of pages i want to read later(readitlater)
- download my bookmarks for offline-reading in beautiful package(in firefox, it's a hassle)
- easy to use, a click for whatever i want, and history for maybe-i-come-back-page.

A better experience I imagine would be something like the New Firefox Open Tab that Paul Rouget just tweet, a thumbnail visual experience, less stressing my eyes on finding what I want. This bookmarks whole things is just very wrong, and I'm even confuse why in 2011 and this is still very annoying.

Now that I catch someone's attention and maybe my complain can change things for another millions Firefox user.

"@paulrouget i'll just complain right away, i want to save my 30 open tabs into panorama and open it next times in no hassle(not add-on)."

Panorama is a great feature, primary improvement for Firefox 4, You can named each of your panorama and you cannot save your tabs?
Hooo, Mozilla Lab baked up Snaporama extension, to save your panorama into bookmarks, so you can open your saved tabs.
But it's very buggy, very difficult to edit or add or remove tabs from your Snaporama and save overwriting it, I uninstall it 2 weeks later, and now I just left my 100 tabs, spreading across 6 panorama.
What I imagine of a better Panorama is a workstation, so I can save and edit my saved Pixel Art Panorama tabs, and when I feel like searching Web Design, I open up my saved Web Design Panorama tabs and add new tabs or remove several others along the way.

My next complain is:
"@paulrouget recall monkey is good enough, why isn't it build-in?"

Just like Bookmarks, History sidebar is very very outdated and cramped. Thankfully, Mozilla Labs once again understand this and baked up Recall Monkey extensions, a Real History feature every browser should have. And why it's still Add-on? Open community, answer me...

"@paulrouget and add-on bar should have collapsible option. like in, you know... barlesque."

I need add-on bar, to quickly access my add-on of course, but making it a bar taking 10px in the way is not very nice and even worse to stick it in bottom of browser, I remembered concept of "Unobstructed Browser", and Firefox is doing it very wrong, once again? Barlesque FTW, at least if you think not everybody is agree, give us an option of it.

Not that I've done with my complain, Paul Rouget reply :
"@herriwanglai do you open bugs?"

and I was like WTH?
Really, for such common sense I need to file a bugs which it wasn't? It is a BAD OUTDATED EXPERIENCE DESIGN, it's 2011 for goat's sake.

"@paulrouget you shouldn't expect casual user to open bugs when they are annoyed by uncomfortable experience."

Let's ignore those open bugs thing and continue with complaining

"@paulrouget and my firefox freezes 3s when the pop-up download manager showed up. you notice i use "my firefox"? sweet isn't it."

"@herriwanglai Is that sarcasm?"

"@paulrouget it shows how i love firefox as my primary browser and 100+ open tabs, but this uncomfortable experience is ruining it."  - "@paulrouget correction "ARE" ruining it."

"@herriwanglai I hear you but won't open the bugs for you. Sorry."

Out of curiosity, I search for bug filing forum, which show a list of topics which labeled "assigned to nobody" and the date was 2008.
It's exciting when you can express your opinion in realtime, like Twitter, but filing bugs is like shouting to the Ocean, which I'm pretty sure consist of 70% of people trolling, 20% are hating  and everybody else not giving you a F.
And Paul Rouget kindly replying my tweets, I'm pretty much grateful, but yeah, probably nobody will hinder these complains, they are busy with drawing with Hollander rather than tackle these outdated experience. 

Ow, I'm out of coffee, this is the last one
"@paulrouget maybe i should ask where's my 'restart firefox' button? we don't "Quit firefox", we restart it."

and if you are wondering where restart button is, they are probably thinking of sticking it in somewhere inside about:configs ("eh, you don't know about:configs"?) .
Vladimir Vukicevic (:vlad) 2008-01-30 15:36:23 PST

Moved to firefox general, I agree.

Beltzner had a good suggestion -- put the restart button in about:config.  I'd say that'd be a baseline fix, and then a separate discussion as to whether restarting is a generally useful browser feature.
source: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=414961 
              comment 6

And almost 4 years had past, wonder if they finally conclude the discussions...

That's all, and Thank you for reading!!

@paurouget tweet: "@herriwanglai Open a bug please."

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